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Better Bail For America is the most affordable way to pay bail. Create a bail page for free and start collecting pledges today.

What We Do

Better Bail For America is a community-focused crowdfunding platform for money bail.

We serve the thousands of Americans who are denied the presumption of innocence simply because they cannot afford their bail.

We leverage community support to grant pretrial release so you don’t have to rely on predatory bail bonds.

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We Make Paying Bail Easy

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Sign up for our platform, fill out a simple form, and we'll host a bail page for you.

Gather Support

Share your bail page, rally support from your community, and collect backers.

Wait at Home

With enough backers, we post your bail. You're free to await trial at home instead of behind bars.

Support Our Project

Our Indiegogo campaign has now closed. We extend a warm thank-you to all of those who contributed. This work would not be possible without your support.

Better Bail has secured a spot at the Hult Prize startup accelerator and continues work from overseas. Our goal is to help clients from pre-trial through to post-trial: securing freedom, empowering employment, and reducing recidivism.


Having trouble finding the answers you're looking for? Please feel free to reach out to us on social media or by using the form below.

After a friend or family member is arrested, simply visit our ‘Sign Up’ page and enter their required information.

Of course! We understand that the defendant may be unavailable, particularly if they are presently incarcerated. Simply note in the signup page that you are creating a bail page on behalf of someone else.

Some states like New Jersey have already made money bail illegal, and this is our end goal. We promise to cease to operate in each state that undergoes a statewide bail reform. If cash bail is made federally illegal, we promise to donate our fund to charity close up shop. It is not the prerogative of social enterprise to operate indefinitely.

All friends, family, and those who believe in you are encouraged to support. If they are willing to vouch for your appearance in court, they would be valuable to your campaign.

We understand that not everyone has the capability of contributing financially to a campaign, so we also collect free electronic signatures. These signatures testify to the defendant's ability to appear in court and also reduce their bail cost.

We are extremely careful when it comes to our client’s data. In short, user data is anonymized and locked in a vault. We also conform to all GDPR standards, and respect a user’s desire to retrieve or delete their data.

We discard all personally-identifying information after a case is closed. We believe in criminal records, not arrest records.

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Core Values

The Presumption of Innocence

We believe no person should be locked away without first being proven guilty.

The Value of Community

We believe in the power of community, and help you capture the value of your personal connections. The more support, the cheaper the bond.

Social Equality

We believe in equal opportunity for all races and genders. We work to ensure that our technology is free of any harmful biases.

Removing Financial Barriers

We believe the courts should treat rich and poor alike, and that no innocent person should be locked up because they can’t afford to navigate the system.

Tech-Driven Impact

We believe in the power of compassionate technology to improve people’s lives.

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